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Madura Island is one of the islands in Indonesia which is located in East Java Province. Madura Island has an area of ​​5,379 km2 and has abundant natural resources, from land to marine products. Even some products from Madura Island are suppliers of several commodities.

Commodities on the island of Madura range from agricultural and plantation products, such as coconut and its derivatives, long pepper, and Moringa leaves. Marine products, such as various types of marine fish, to seaweed, there are Euchema Cottoni and Sargassum. Not only that Madura Island is also known as the ‘Island of Salt’ because the production of salt produced is quite large.

These commodities are processed with specifications and quality that are ready for export. It is proven that some commodities from Madura Island have been exported to various countries. Such as coconut derivative products, namely cocopeat and coco fiber, get a lot of demand from the Asian market. Moringa leaves, which are superfoods on the European continent, as well as Euchema Cottoni and sargassum, which are exported to China and Hong Kong.

We Want To Cooperate With You Collaboration Begins Here

Madura Commodity is a supplier from Madura Island which has commodities. There are Long Pepper, Moringa Leaves, Euchema Cottoni, and sargassum. Our resources are committed to providing you with the best products and services. Let’s start working together to create good inter-company relations and strengthen a better world economy.

We spend months finding the best farmers around Madura- the ones willing and committed to embracing changes. We visit them often and build strong personal relationships with the farmers. Each farm is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and the environment.

We are constantly working with our farmer communities and investing in process improvement techniques and methods to keep track of successes and failures in our experimentation. Ultimately the data will be feedback to this system to improve from harvest to harvest continuously.

We own a supplier of long pepper in Madura; we understand quality screening is a huge concern. Together with the farmers and our team, we are ensuring that the long pepper coming your way is well-screened.